Our Services

Proudly serving St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Jefferson County.
 After responding to devastating car crashes involving young adults for over 20 years, we have dedicated our retired years to preventing unnecessary losses of life. At Mid-America Academy of Driving we prepare Missouri drivers for the hazards they may experience on the road ways and how to properly maneuver through and around those hazards. Instructors will devote their time and attention to each client to ensure that they not only successfully pass the Missouri Drivers exam but also remain driving for years to come. 
  1. Overview
    Each course begins with an in home consultation with the client, the instructor, and if necessary, the clients guardian(s). During the consultation the instructor will determine what type of instruction and program is needed to ensure maximum results.
  2. Hazardous Road Conditions
    Weather permitting, each client will be instructed on how to drive in various inclement weather conditions to include snow, rain and ice with confidence.
  3. Special Needs
    Situations arise that require Missourians to retake their Missouri Drivers Test or clients may be facing challenges that require special assistance and we are prepared to assist everyone with their driving needs.
  4. Vehicle Confidence
    Mid-America Academy of Driving is dedicated to instilling confidence in each client. In an effort to do so, the clients vehicle will be utilized for each lesson as this will be the vehicle used for test taking.
  5. Insurance Discounts
    Most insurance companies will reduce insurance premiums for clients who complete 4 lessons with Mid-America Academy of Driving.
  6. Lessons
    Lessons vary from client to client depending on their level of knowledge, experience and confidence. Lessons include class room time, basic rules of the roadway, vehicle operation, city/urban/rural driving, parking, reacting to emergencies, and exam preparation.