About Us

Proudly servicing St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Jefferson County




After responding to devastating car crashes involving young adults for over 30 years, we have dedicated our retired years to preventing unnecessary losses of life. At Mid-America Academy of Driving we prepare Missouri drivers for the hazards they may experience on the road ways and how to properly maneuver through and around those hazards. Instructors will devote their time and attention to each client to ensure that they not only successfully pass the Missouri Drivers exam but also remain driving for years to come.   
From the young adults getting behind the wheel for the first time to the more seasoned drivers who just need some refresher courses, we will provide a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere, fostering learning and confidence.  

Mid-America Academy of Driving is owned and operated by a retired police officer with over 31 years of law enforcement experience and an additional 7 years of driving instruction experience.                                                                                                                                     In July 2017 we branched out and hired two employees's to join us in helping with your loved ones driving abilities. 

Meet The Team
  1. Owner
    Glenn Tolias
    Driving Instructor
  2. Office Manager
    Office Manager
    Trisha Pettus
    Answering phone, setting & canceling appointments
  3. Driving Instructor
    Driving Instructor
    Travis Tyler
    Driving Instructor
  4. Driving Instructor
    Driving Instructor
    Pamela Rose
    Driving Instructor